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Semi-Absentee Business Model.

Keep your income while you build a business.

Turns out, not all franchises are created equal. Most require you to be 100% HANDS ON for years before you can turn responsibility over to a trusted manager.

But certain franchises are specifically designed with the passive investor in mind. We are talking about legitimate, successful, even Fortune 500 brands, that happen to be structured in a particular way that allows owners to keep their job while they build a business.

These Semi-Absentee franchises all have 5 things in common:
    For starters, the management team has to have strong experience leading an organization through growth. They’ll also need to be comfortable engaging franchisees in continuous dialogue regarding best practices, and solve issues as they arise.
    The franchise organization also has to understand the marketing landscape and provide education, training and support to franchisees. That means having the experience and capacity necessary to both efficiently manage the brand and lead franchisees in successfully accessing customer opportunities.
    Most semi-absentee systems are manager-run, with a key employee who is capable of supervising employees at a single location. This allows communication to stay concise and streamlined.
    The simpler the operations are, or more defined the system, the easier the business is to run. This includes every aspect of the business, including buildout, hiring, training and retention, not just daily operation.
    It not only demonstrates the suitability of the concept, it also suggests the type of franchisee the franchisor is attracting and allowing into the system.
Too bad only a very small percentage of franchises actually fit the bill — but the ones that do can really deliver…

Categories worth considering

The goal is to find a business that can be manager-run from the start. These categories are usually your best bet for finding a passive investment opportunity. And even in these categories, only certain brands are really made for it:

Hair care

Skin Care



Weight Loss


Tax Services

Salon Suites

Self-serve Food

Women's Beauty Services

Let us help find the franchise investment that’s right for you.
Why Franchising.

The short answer is because it works.

Of course, owning property or securities can be successful strategies, but statistically, the single greatest concentration of millionaires is among self-made business owners.

With a franchise, the hardest part of building a business is done for you:

A proven business model reduces risk

You’ll get ongoing marketing and operational support

Brand awareness already exists on a national scale

There's latent demand for your product/service
You'll also know the associate costs in advance, as well as get help with finding locations and securing financing if necessary.

And the best part is that you can do it all WHILE you still have a job...

Expected Return
So how much am I going to make?
Let's get down to brass tacks. You're not investing out of the goodness of your heart, the goal here is to make money.

Never an easy question, but while the return on investment will obviously vary widely depending on which franchise concept you choose to work with, there are a number of things that can help you figure out your expected return.
Doing it by the numbers
Before you buy a franchise, the FTC requires franchisors to provide a document called the FDD or Franchise Disclosure Document. Inside is all the info you'll need to work out what kind of return you might expect.

Look at these sections to calculate what your likely expenses and earnings will be:

With typical investment strategies, your return is governed by variables beyond your control, but with franchise ownership you open up the possibility to determine your own destiny and future earnings.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, go ahead and see if it's right for you...
Getting Started

Franchising is a simple process.

Check to see if you're qualified.

Fill out an application to see if you're approved to move forward.

The franchisor will conduct a background check.

Followed by an interview.

Once you're approved, you'll undergo training.

You're ready to go into business.

Do you have what it takes?

Qualications differ from one franchisor to the next, depending on the concept
but here's a general set of guidelines for the semi-passive investor:

Minimum $100k Liquid and $500k Net Worth

The liquid cash and net worth are pass/fail gates for a lot of franchisors.

Ability to Manage and Motivate a Team

Semi-absentee ownership means you may not be on site very often and can't watch everything, so you will need to be an effective manager.

Desire (and ability) to Grow a Multiple-Unit Business

If your goal is to ultimately replace a full time income, you'll likely need the financial and management skils to own and operate more than one location.

Willingness to follow the blueprint of a proven business mode

A good franchise already has everything figured out operationally and financially, so it may not be for someone who wants full control and autonomy.

Will you like the job?

With a semi-absentee franchise, most duties will fall to the general manager,
but you, as the owner will still have to:

Hire and Manage the Manager

Oversee Real Estate/Construction Process and Lease Negotiation (Franchisor typically provides assistance and support)

Oversee Marketing Initiatives

Manages Finance/Accounting/Administrative
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